Special Services

Our specialty services team can respond to any facility need or challenge.

We Offer Comprehensive Facility Care Through Our Special Services Division

Facility care requires more than routine janitorial services; CleanPower’s Specialty Services division offers an extensive range of special services to care for every aspect of your building. Our specialty services include everything from pressure washing to event clean up to flood recovery and dozens of other services. We can provide as many specialty services as you need at any frequency.

Whether it’s a restoration project after a disaster or scheduled floor maintenance, CleanPower has the equipment, knowledge, and staff to respond.

Our goal is to partner with our clients to handle all cleaning needs, regardless of the project size or schedule. We offer solutions to virtually any facility need or challenge.

Our specialty services teams are skilled and thoroughly knowledgeable. Our staff undergo extensive service-specific training and in some cases, are required to complete certification courses.

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Property Types

  • Multi-Tenant Properties

  • Corporate Offices

  • BioPharma

  • Medical Offices and Facilities

  • Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Distribution Centers

  • High Technology

  • Aviation and Transportation

  • Retail

  • Improvement Districts

  • Stadiums and Entertainment Venues

  • Government

Our Special Services Include:

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From mid-job portering to post-job final cleans, CleanPower’s construction clean up services are essential on the construction site. We offer construction clean up services that include everything from debris removal to cleaning windows to concrete floor sealing. Whether your site is a brand-new build or you’re doing light remodeling, our teams can help improve the process. By handling the cleaning needs on a construction site, we allow the construction teams to focus on the building process, which saves them time and energy. And our construction final clean services ensure that your new building or remodel will appear to the best advantage when the project is complete.

Click here to read the full details about CleanPower construction clean ups.

Regularly cleaning windows extends their longevity, improves the aesthetics of a facility, and prevents the buildup of residue and hard water stains. Over time, windows can become dull and stained, limiting the amount of natural light that can pass through and negatively impacting their visual appeal. Dirt, pollutants, and allergens collect on windows, which can impact the air quality of the building.

Click here to read the full details about CleanPower commercial and residential window cleaning.

Regularly cleaning carpets improves their appearance and extends their life while positively impacting the health of your facility. Carpets attract dirt, pollens, dust, and other pollutants, which ruin their appearance and destroy the carpet’s fibers. CleanPower’s professional carpet cleaning ensures that your carpets are cleaned appropriately for their fiber type, which increases their longevity.

The debris that can become trapped in carpets can also have a negative impact on the health of your employees, tenants, and visitors. By killing bacteria, dust mites, and mold and removing pollens and other allergens from the carpet, our carpet cleaning services also improve the air quality of your facility. Especially for people with asthma, allergies, and weakened immune systems, clean carpets can have a direct impact on their overall wellbeing. Our carpet care services are designed to remove stains, eliminate debris, kill microbes, and leave your facility cleaner and healthier. We offer:

  • Regularly scheduled and one-time carpet cleaning
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Carpet extractions
  • Antistatic services
  • Stain removal services
  • Scotchgard Carpet Protector services

Hard floor surfaces require more than sweeping and mopping in order to maintain their appearance and durability. From refinishing to polishing to deep cleaning, floors require ongoing maintenance in order to remain in good condition. Through periodic hard floor care, you can preserve your floors’ longevity and appearance while ultimately saving money.

Different types of hard floor surfaces require different methods for cleaning and preservation, which is why it’s important to have your building’s floors cleaned by experienced professionals. CleanPower’s hard floor care services are provided by a team of trained specialists. We offer:

  • Material-specific floor care (wood, concrete, terrazzo, stone, marble, etc)
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Refinishing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Stripping
  • Waxing
  • Polishing
  • Restoration

During a dry ice blasting procedure, surfaces are blasted with pressurized dry ice in order to loosen debris, which are then cleaned away. Media blasting allows for a deep cleaning and can successfully remove even thick layers of debris. Dry ice blasting is unique from other media blasting in that it leaves behind no additional debris or residue. Because the dry ice immediately evaporates, it’s a faster, cleaner type of media blasting. It’s also an environmentally friendly cleaning method; dry ice is nontoxic and nonflammable and food grade safe.

CleanPower’s dry ice blasting services are highly effective; the process can remove residue from paints, oils, biofilms, contaminants, release agents, production products, and microorganisms. Dry ice blasting has applications in many industries, from pharmaceuticals to agriculture to automotive industries. Dry ice blasting is especially useful as a cleaning technique for the food and beverage industry because it is food grade safe and able to decontaminate surfaces and remove microorganisms.

Pressure washing is an effective method for removing debris, residue, and other substances from surfaces. Pressure washing strictly uses water to clean surfaces; because no soap or chemicals are used, no residue is left on the surfaces after the cleaning is complete. The process is safe, environmentally friendly, and highly effective for cleaning building exteriors, parking lots, and concrete surfaces. Our pressure washing services are time-efficient and cost-effective.

Commercial Disaster Recovery Restoration Services

Marsden Restoration is a division of Marsden Services, CleanPower’s parent company. We partner with Marsden Restoration when providing restoration services, benefiting from this division’s expertise and experience.

After a disaster event, it is essential for a commercial facility to repair the damage and resume business operations as soon as possible. Marsden Restoration’s commercial disaster recovery division provides restoration and reconstruction services that are fast, efficient, and safety-focused. We develop tailored emergency response plans that are customized to the unique needs of each facility. Our 24/7 emergency response services are provided by the experienced teams and advanced equipment necessary to restore commercial properties to their pre-loss condition. Our cleaning, restoration, and reconstruction services include:

  • Water and Storm Damage Mitigation
  • Fire and Smoke Restoration
  • Mold and Asbestos Remediation
  • Document Recovery Services

Water Intrusion

Water intrusion can destroy a commercial facility if not addressed immediately and appropriately. Responding to water intrusion in commercial buildings presents unique challenges that require expert contractors. Marsden has the trained and experienced teams needed to help property managers and building owners get their building dry and their business back up and running fast. We focus on containment and mitigation to contain losses and prevent the spread of damage. We use the latest technologies to prevent intrusion into other areas of the building while providing the fastest drying times.

Fire and Smoke Cleanup

Smoke can cause more damage to a building than is visible to the naked eye. A facility affected by even a small fire will need to be thoroughly checked and cleaned before re-use. Marsden uses industrial hygienic testing to determine the path and penetration of the smoke and then uses these tests to design a plan for the cleaning process. We then test again after cleaning to ensure the area is safe for reentry. In addition to emergency cleaning, we handle the long-term reconstruction to areas charred by fire and work with business asset teams to inventory and claim assets lost to the fire.

Mold and Asbestos Remediation

Mold in commercial buildings can pose a great risk to the public, so it is important to identify and remediate the issue quickly and safely. Our team can eliminate the mold quickly and completely without it spreading to different areas of the building. We will ensure safe reentry to exposed areas of the building by employing industrial hygienic testing pre- and post-production.

Document Recovery

When documents are water damaged, Marsden’s document processing laboratories can recover documents that would have otherwise been deemed a total loss. Our document laboratories are equipped with freeze-drying chambers to remove water or moisture from papers and collections, resulting in handleable and odor-free documents. We provide thorough security measures to protect the business information on the documents according to all legal regulations. We provide the additional security feature of secure destruction of restored or unretained files to our clients.


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High lift cleaning is used for cleaning areas that are beyond the reach of a ladder. CleanPower regularly performs high lift cleaning and we understand how to do it professionally and safely. Although safety is always an important component of everything we do at CleanPower, it becomes even more critical during high lift cleaning. Our maintenance technicians are extensively trained in high lift cleaning procedures and safety protocols and our high lift equipment is subject to regular maintenance. Our maintenance technicians are experienced in conducting high lift cleaning service that won’t disrupt your business or damage your property.

An LED lighting conversion is the process of transitioning a facility’s lighting from incandescent bulbs to light emitting diode (LED) lights. LED lights are 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, which significantly reduces energy and maintenance costs. By hiring CleanPower and our LED partner, Ingersoll Lighting, you can reduce your energy consumption and save money.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning uses water and high frequency sound waves to remove dust, dirt, and other debris from window blinds. Clean window blinds are important for the aesthetics of a facility and also its health. Window blinds can trap allergens, pollen, bacteria, and other substances that can impact the air quality of your facility. CleanPower’s ultrasonic blind cleaning removes these substances through using just water, which is ecofriendly and does not leave behind any residue. Our ultrasonic blind cleaning is fast, effective, and safe to use on any blind slats.

Facility appearance is an important element in how your brand is perceived. Parking lots and garages provide a first impression to customers, employees, and guests. CleanPower’s parking lot and garage sweeping services can help you provide a positive first impression for people who come to your facility. A clean and well-maintained parking lot is also essential for providing a safe environment. A dirty parking lot is a public safety issue and if accidents occur in the parking lot due to inadequate cleaning or maintenance, it can result in a lawsuit. Regularly cleaning the parking area and removing debris decreases the likelihood of vehicle or pedestrian accidents. Ongoing parking lot and garage maintenance also prevents erosion and extends the life of the parking surfaces. CleanPower has the trained staff, specialized equipment, and experience to properly care for your facility’s parking areas. Our cleaning program can help you maintain your facility’s exterior appearance, increase safety, and preserve the surfaces of your parking areas.

Water fountains need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep the pump clean and the water clear. It is recommended that they be cleaned once a month in order to prevent the build up of algae or white scale. When water fountains are not properly maintained, they can become a health hazard or can cease to work properly. Regular maintenance prevents these issues and can save you money on repairs.

Light fixtures and chandeliers require regular maintenance and cleaning in order to function properly and maintain their appearance. CleanPower has the appropriate equipment to reach your lighting and chandeliers safety and we have the experienced teams to clean them properly.

Walls can collect dirt, mold, bacteria, and other substances that can impact the health of your building. Their appearance can also impact how people perceive your business. Regularly cleaning your facility’s walls is important to maintaining both the health and the appearance of your building. Cleaning walls also preserves the paint and prevents deterioration, which saves you money and time on repainting the facility.

CleanPower’s event clean up services include both pre- and post-event cleaning. Whether you’re hosting a convention, trade show, fundraiser, sporting event, or other event, our teams can help you prepare for the event and return to normal operations afterwards. Our services include:

  • Event set up
  • Event tear down
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Pre- and post-event facility cleaning
  • Sanitizing services
  • Parking lot and parking garage cleaning

CleanPower has an established plan for helping our clients provide the healthiest facilities possible for their employees, tenants, and guests. As a facility service provider, CleanPower offers our Microbial Preventative and Remediation program to help break the chain of infection and reduce the likelihood of an infection in the facilities we service. Our program is a standardized disinfecting program that focuses on touchpoint sanitation.

Through collaboration with the CDC, the WHO, and our disinfecting chemical suppliers, CleanPower has established a comprehensive program that will help our clients achieve the following:

  • Reduced absenteeism and subsequent sick days from associates
  • Control/eliminate the spread of these microorganisms within the workplace
  • Create a healthier work environment
  • Potentially reduce client fiscal loss due to reduced productivity of work associates

Infections do and will occur in the workplace. No disinfecting program can ensure that no infections will occur. However, research demonstrates that a thorough program for disinfecting microorganisms from surfaces can help to break a chain of infection and mitigate the risk of infection.

Service Level Options

Our program includes CDC recommended competencies and additional CleanPower processes. In order to best accommodate our clients’ needs, we have different levels of service depending on the severity and prevalence of a disease.

Level 1: Prevention

  • Recommended for facilities where no known infections have occurred
  • Service areas of focus are common areas, touchpoints, and entrances
  • Suggested service frequency is weekly or monthly

Level 2: Confirmed Outbreak

  • Recommended for facilities where isolated infections have occurred
  • Service areas of focus are common areas, touchpoints, and entrances and a terminal-level disinfecting clean will be completed for all points accessible to the infected individual
  • Suggested service frequency is immediately following infection confirmation and then daily

Level 3: Confirmed Systemic Outbreak

  • Recommended for facilities where numerous infections have occurred
  • A terminal-level disinfecting clean will be completed for common areas, touchpoints, and entrances and all points accessible to the infected individuals
  • Suggested service frequency is immediately following infection confirmation and then at least daily or multiple times a day

Improving Patient Outcomes

In the healthcare environment, a clean, safe, and sanitized facility is essential for positive patient experience. CleanPower provides healthcare solutions programs that exceed regulatory requirements while creating a welcoming and caring environments for our clients and their patients.

CleanPower has extensive knowledge in maintaining the non-medical operations of healthcare environments. Because we believe in safety first, we provide healthcare solutions across the United States, servicing over 100 healthcare clients nationwide. Through our experience with housekeeping services contracts, we understand the competencies and regulatory compliance needed in healthcare facilities.

Our healthcare service programs include:

  • Environmental Services
  • Patient Transportation
  • Terminal Cleaning (AORN)
  • BioMed
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Specialty Services
  • Evidence-Based Competencies

Evidence-Based Competencies

CleanPower healthcare solutions program is structured on the standards of the American Hospital Association’s Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional (CHESP) program. Our healthcare solutions team consists of highly trained and experienced individuals, including Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician (CHEST) leadership and Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician (CSCT) associates.

Our quality control standards are designed to meet regulatory requirements and drive patient outcomes. Through careful management, quality assurance inspections, and training, we ensure that all associates are fully prepared to deliver services that exceed AHA regulations and inspection standards.