Emergency Response Services

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CleanPower Teams Are Available 24/7/365

When an unexpected service need arises, CleanPower teams are ready to respond immediately. Especially in the case of a disaster event, it’s important to have a qualified response team at the site as quickly as possible. Our staff is well-trained, certified, and experienced to handle a variety of emergency situations. Regardless of the crisis, CleanPower can clean, repair and restore your facilities.

When we receive a call for an emergency response, we immediately mobilize our team. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to respond to emergency situations. Whether clients are facing flood cleanup, fire damage, or construction debris, you can rely on CleanPower to resolve your emergency situation as soon as possible. We take the actions necessary to resolve the problem and then complete all administrative duties to ensure each service request is documented properly.

Emergency Services

  • Fire and Smoke Restoration

  • Water and Storm Damage Mitigation

  • Document Recovery Services

  • Mold and Asbestos Remediation


  • Smoke can cause damage to structures more than one can see from the surface. A building affected by any fire, including a small fire, will need to be properly inspected and restored before re-use. CleanPower’s industrial hygienic testing determines the flow and permeation of smoke and applies these tests to create a framework for cleaning procedures. After cleaning we test again to make sure the location is fit for access again. In addition to emergency cleanup, we manage the long-term restoration of spaces burned by fire and partner with business asset experts to catalog and claim business assets lost to fire.


  • Water infiltration can severely damage commercial properties if not dealt with swiftly and properly. Responding to water penetration into commercial structures poses complex issues that require qualified service providers. CleanPower has the highly trained and knowledgeable professionals necessary to help building managers and property owners restore their facilities and get their operations up and running as soon as possible. Our professionals concentrate on mitigation and containment to minimize losses and halt damage spread. We use cutting-edge technologies to prevent water from entering other parts of the building and to provide the fastest drying time possible.


  • When documents become water-damaged, CleanPower’s document processing labs are capable of recovering documents that would otherwise be considered lost. In our document laboratories, we have freeze-drying chambers that dry papers and collections, making them handleable and odor-free. Our comprehensive security measures ensure that all business information on the documents is protected in accordance with all legal requirements. Our clients can choose to have our professionals securely destroy restored and unretained files.


  • Identifying and remediating mold properly and as quickly as possible is necessary for commercial buildings to avoid dangerous health issues. We can completely eliminate mold without allowing it to spread throughout the building. Through industrial hygienic testing both before and after production, we will ensure the safe entry of exposed areas of the building.