• Cleaning hard to reach areas requires special care and attention.

  • “Out of sight, out of mind” can be a dangerous practice in facilities with high bay windows or hard to reach high areas. These areas require special care and attention to protect buildings and employees from safety hazards.

    We are committed to helping you maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone in your facility. We can help you prepare your facility to meet industry regulations, pass inspection, and function according to building code requirements.

The Benefits of high cleaning include:

  • Regular cleaning prepares your facility for a clean inspection report.
  • Cleaning difficult access and hard to reach high areas improves air quality, which improves the health of your facility.
  • Routine high bay cleaning reduces the risk of fire in your facility.
  • Clean ceilings in a facility improves lighting throughout. Better lighting improves worker safety and productivity.

The Process

High cleaning is a specialized process that requires technical knowledge and equipment in order to be done properly and safely. We have been providing high cleaning services for decades. Our program provides the necessary lift equipment and trained crews to complete the job safely and to your satisfaction.


High bay windows and high areas are identified. A cleaning plan is developed that is tailored to the unique needs of your facility.


We provide the lifts and equipment required to perform this specific task. Our teams are trained in safely operating our lifts and are OSHA certified.

High Cleaning

High areas are vacuumed and cleaned. Correct cleaning procedures are implemented to meet inspection standards.

Floor Sanitation

Floors are thoroughly cleaned after the high clean to ensure hazardous materials from above have not been left behind.

Quality Check

We partner with our clients to ensure quality standards are met based on industry inspection requirements.

Safety First

Meeting the highest safety standards goes a long way. Our High Cleaning teams are intensively trained for using cleaning lifts. They wear proper PPE for the job including safety harnesses, hard hats, N95 masks, industrial gloves, safety goggles, and work boots. All team members are OSHA certified and we have a certified OSHA trainer on staff.

We're a Marsden Company!

Marsden Services is a full spectrum facility services provider, offering janitorial, security, building maintenance, and specialty property services throughout the United States.CleanPower is a Marsden Services company. Marsden is a full spectrum facility services provider, offering janitorial, security, building maintenance, and specialty property services throughout the United States. Through Marsden's combined national support and local operations, we provide our clients with the strength of a large corporation with the individualized care of a small business.

National Scope

Marsden is one of the largest privately owned facility service providers in the United States. Marsden has over 50 offices throughout the United States and employs more than 10k people. Marsden has thousands of clients across the country and services over 300M square feet every day.

Local Dedication

Despite Marsden's national scope, Marsden focuses on the local markets in which it has acquisitions and office locations. Each office is invested in its community and local clients, providing personalized service. Like a small, local company, the regional offices make decisions on all aspects of their service operations and are empowered to manage their teams and respond to all client needs and requests.

Enterprise Resources

Marsden's local operating companies have the benefit of leveraging Marsden’s resources as a large organization – including staff, technology, equipment, supplies, information, industry experts, and financial support.
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