Construction Clean Up

Construction clean up services for every point in the process.

CleanPower Has Decades of Experience With Construction Clean Ups

From mid-job portering to post-job final cleans, CleanPower’s construction clean up services are essential on the construction site. We offer construction clean up services that include everything from debris removal to cleaning windows to concrete floor sealing. Whether your site is a brand-new build or you’re doing light remodeling, our teams can help improve the process.

By handling the cleaning needs on a construction site, we allow the construction teams to focus on the building process, which saves them time and energy. And our construction final clean services ensure that your new building or remodel will appear to the best advantage when the project is complete.

Construction Clean Up

  • Mid-Job Portering

  • Post-Job Final Cleans

  • Debris Removal

  • Cleaning Windows

  • Concrete Floor Sealing

Our construction clean up services cover everything you need for your new or remodeled space; we offer:

  • Terminal cleans, post construction cleaning, and final cleaning services
  • Progress cleans
  • Complete dusting and wiping of all surfaces
  • Vacuuming all open areas and edges
  • Cleaning interior and exterior glass and glass partitions
  • Window cleaning
  • Ultrasonic blind and light fixture cleaning
  • 3M window film installation
  • Sweeping and mopping hard surface flooring
  • Washing and disinfecting restroom surfaces
  • Special medical disinfecting
  • Hard floor care and refinishing
  • Structural cleaning and high lift work
  • Debris removal
  • Job trailer cleaning
  • Parking lot sweeping/scrubbing
  • Pressure washing

To learn more about our construction clean up services or receive a free estimate, please call CleanPower or fill out our online contact form.