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    Let us show you the CleanPower Advantage.

  • As a qualified and experienced facility service provider, CleanPower is prepared to respond to any commercial cleaning needs. Regardless of the building size, scope of work, frequency of services, or facility type, CleanPower has a service solution for your facility. From weekly office cleaning to mopping factory floors to sanitizing a medical room after every patient, we have the trained staff and equipment to do the job right. CleanPower has served thousands of clients in a variety of industries over the past fifty years, servicing everything from industrial plants to hospitals to financial institutions and everything in between. Over the decades, we’ve learned how to anticipate client needs, develop measurable quality standards, maintain efficiencies, and create customized programs tailored to each unique facility space.

We will create a tailored program that fulfills all of your facility needs. CleanPower’s janitorial services are sustainable, safe, and customer focused. We combine the strength of skilled teams with the innovation of new technologies to produce the best possible results. Our cleaners are reliable, trained, efficient, and focused on customer satisfaction and delivering results. Our personnel go through strict background and employment checks and then rigorous ongoing training that details the most current, efficient cleaning techniques. We enhance the capabilities of our staff by providing them with cutting-edge technology and equipment. We take pride in our work and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations every shift.

CleanPower’s janitorial services provide:

  • 7-day per week scheduling
  • Professional full-time or part-time cleaners
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Fully insured and bonded services
  • Supervised crews
  • Uniformed technicians with picture identification
  • 24-hour communication center
  • More than 50 years of experience

CleanPower has the skills, tools, and staff to execute on any janitorial contract, and our services are reliable, flexible, and cost-effective.

For a free estimate, please call CleanPower or fill out our online contact form.

We're a Marsden Company!

Marsden Services is a full spectrum facility services provider, offering janitorial, security, building maintenance, and specialty property services throughout the United States.CleanPower is a Marsden Services company. Marsden is a full spectrum facility services provider, offering janitorial, security, building maintenance, and specialty property services throughout the United States. Through Marsden's combined national support and local operations, we provide our clients with the strength of a large corporation with the individualized care of a small business.

National Scope

Marsden is one of the largest privately owned facility service providers in the United States. Marsden has over 50 offices throughout the United States and employs more than 10k people. Marsden has thousands of clients across the country and services over 300M square feet every day.

Local Dedication

Despite Marsden's national scope, Marsden focuses on the local markets in which it has acquisitions and office locations. Each office is invested in its community and local clients, providing personalized service. Like a small, local company, the regional offices make decisions on all aspects of their service operations and are empowered to manage their teams and respond to all client needs and requests.

Enterprise Resources

Marsden's local operating companies have the benefit of leveraging Marsden’s resources as a large organization – including staff, technology, equipment, supplies, information, industry experts, and financial support.
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