Our Facility Services

CleanPower provides small and large business alike with comprehensive facility services to ensure every aspect of your facility is supporting your business operations.


As a qualified and experienced facility service provider, CleanPower is prepared to respond to any commercial cleaning needs. Regardless of the building size, scope of work, frequency of services, or facility type, CleanPower has a service solution for your facility. From weekly office cleaning to mopping factory floors to sanitizing a medical room after every patient, we have the trained staff and equipment to do the job right.


Al's Window CleaningCleanPower’s window cleaning services are provided by our wholly owned subsidiary, Al’s Window Cleaning. Al’s has been cleaning commercial and residential windows since 1957 and our window cleaning teams are highly trained and safety focused. We offer customized maintenance schedules and can accommodate everything from a single wash to a weekly cleaning.


CleanPower has decades of experience with construction clean ups. From mid-job portering to post-job final cleans, CleanPower’s construction clean up services are essential on the construction site. We offer construction clean up services that include everything from debris removal to cleaning windows to concrete floor sealing. Whether your site is a brand-new build or you’re doing light remodeling, our teams can help improve the process.


CleanPower’s specialty services division offers an extensive range of special services to care for every aspect of your building. Our specialty services include everything from pressure washing to event clean up to flood recovery and dozens of other services. Whether it’s a restoration project after a disaster or scheduled floor maintenance, CleanPower has the equipment, knowledge, and staff to respond. Our staff undergo extensive service-specific training.


High cleaning helps you prepare your facility to meet industry regulations, pass inspection, and function according to building code requirements. High cleaning is a specialized process that requires technical knowledge and equipment in order to be done properly and safely. We have been providing high cleaning services for decades. Our program provides the necessary lift equipment and trained crews to complete the job safely and to your satisfaction.


When an unexpected service need arises, CleanPower teams are ready to respond. When we receive a call for an emergency response, we immediately mobilize our team. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to respond to emergency situations. CleanPower’s staff is well-trained, certified, and experienced to handle a variety of emergency situations to clean, repair and restore your facilities.


Whether your building is a medical facility requiring environmental services, a food manufacturing facility needing sanitation services, or a multi-tenant facility requiring constant service flexibility, we are experienced and capable. Our professionally trained associates work with our clients to ensure that our services help them meet or exceed any required regulatory standards regarding a clean environment.